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Monday, January 31, 2011

Common Foreclosure Misconceptions:

"An attorney told me all I have to do is file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to stop the foreclosure”
Yes, Chapter 13 temporarily stalls the foreclosure proceedings: however it is only a temporary solution! You will have to endure fees, court appearances, and a bankruptcy on your record, and still have to make your house payments along with compiled arrears and fees. Be sure to ask the attorney these questions.

"The bank has been really helpful and they're helping me solve this. I don't need additional help"
Yes, you need to be talking to the bank, the worst thing you can do is ignore them. However, the bank does not have your best interests in mind, they have their interests in mind. They want to get paid ASAP or they want to take your house. If you don't have someone on your side, you may end up losing your home even faster.

“I can work out an affordable payment plan or forbearance with the bank”

The bank's plan is seldom reasonable and your payments will increase significantly by as much as hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

“The bank won’t kick me out because my husband and I have medical disabilities and 6 kids living in the house”

Unfortunately, the bank only cares about collecting their debt regardless of your situation. Harsh reality is once the house goes to Auction, the sheriff will eventually come and order you and your family to vacate the property.

“I owe too much on my house so if I sold my house with a Realtor® I would have to pay thousands of $$ in commissions and closing costs. I can’t sell my house, it’s not an option, I don’t have the money”

NOT TRUE.  In a short Sale, the lender pays all costs and commissions.   Working with an experienced Realtor who is a Foreclosure Specialist, and has a working relationship with banks, and is willing to negotiate on your behalf, can overcome these problems. We have been negotiating short sales since 2005 and there is no costs to the seller.  Contact us today to learn more at (586) 421-1598. 

“The bank said that I can do a DEED in LIEU and not have a foreclosure on my record”

Don’t let the bank fool you. Your credit report and personal record will read “Deed In Lieu”, which is a VOLUNTARY FORECLOSURE (this is just as bad on your credit as a full foreclosure). This only benefits the bank (saves them money)

“It’s too late, I can’t do anything, it’s no use trying”

Nothing is farther from the truth! Until the sheriff kicks you out, there are always options!

We hope this clears up any misconceptions you may have had about the foreclosure process. Don't be depressed, there is plenty of hope and lots of options. We can help you navigate the process so you can start over again. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact me at (586) 421-1598.

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